Massage Therapist Offers Pain Relief For Auto Accident Survivors

  Pain following an automobile accident often includes not only physical scars but also emotional wounds. Michigan Auto Injury Massage Therapy (MIAIM) will work to relieve such ailments in order to bring a feeling of calm and normalcy back into your life.

  Depending upon your individual condition, Michigan Auto Injury Massage Therapy always seeks to personalize treatment techniques aimed at eliminating your deepest sources of pain. We facilitate your recovery and rehabilitation process by taking the time to evaluate and treat each individual symptom related to your motor vehicle collision.

  As soon as you provide your insurance and physician information, your job is done. We complete the rest of the process, so all billing issues and fees will be resolved with no out of pocket expense to you.

  Throughout Harper Woods and the metropolitan Detroit, Michigan region, MIAIM has dedicated itself to educating those suffering from personal injuries. There are many simple practices, you may learn, geared toward managing your pain, increasing movement and flexibility, and improving sleep.

  Many people contact other professionals following an auto injury accident, such as personal injury attorneys, family physicians, auto insurance companies and body shops. However, sometimes an important step is often overlooked. Most people are unaware that their auto insurance company will, in most cases, pay for massage therapy.

  We welcome any questions and will explain every step of the treatment process in order to help you understand “why we do what we do” and how it relates to improving your condition. Ultimately, our shared goal will be to help you regain control and assist you in becoming an active participant in taking steps toward better health and well being.

  Take that first step today– give Michigan Auto Injury Massage Therapy a call or visit our Get Started page and submit the online form. We look forward to working with you!