About Phil

My name is Phil Cutrell and I am owner/president of Michigan Auto Injury Massage Therapy (MIAIM), LLC and previous owner of Touch Therapy Associates, Incorporated. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and as the name of my company states, I specialize in offering massage therapy to those suffering from auto injuries and treat those with work related injuries as well.

I was born in Nashville, TN and moved to the Detroit area in 1970. I bring a great deal of experience to my practice of massage therapy. Since 15 years of age, I have been a grocery bagger (2 yrs) in Tennessee, professional drummer in Tennessee, metro Detroit and “on the road” (34 yrs), served in the U.S. Army as a military policeman serving in Vietnam (2 yrs), department store security supervisor (3 yrs), and a delivery van and patient transport driver for a major hospital (23 yrs). Finally in 1988, I found my calling and have been a practicing massage therapist ever since.  I was also a massage therapy instructor for 18 years. My work experience adds up to 106 years. Look good for my age?  Thankfully some of my jobs ran concurrently.

In 2001, I incurred injuries in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver. Following surgery for a fractured hip I was unable to work for 12 months. During this time, colleagues offered and I received many types of treatments.  I found the benefits from their work to equal, and in many cases, far surpass those of physical therapy.  Most volunteered their time but should have been able to be compensated but did not know how to bill insurance, and therefore went unpaid. From this experience, I decided to devote my practice to helping others injured in auto accidents and job related injuries and have done so since 2003.

I believe far too many patient treatment plans are long on exercise, heat/ice or ultrasound and short on hands-on restorative therapy. This is not only what I do, it is all that I do.

It’s all in the name MIAIM – “My Aim” is to be of service by providing compassionate massage therapy treatment for those in pain and discomfort. Whether you would like to begin treatments or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

In health and light,


Professional Experience

  • Michigan Auto Injury Massage Therapy, LLC  2013-present- Owner/Therapist
  • Touch Therapy Associates, Inc   2002-2013  Owner/Therapist
  • Self Employed, 1990-2002  Owner/Therapist
  • CMI Racquetball Club, 1989-1991   Therapist

Teaching Experience

Myomassethics Center and Irene’s Myomassology Insitute 1990-2008

  • Instructor of core curriculum, elective classes and lecture series.


  • Graduate of Hillsboro High School, 1970  Nashville, TN
  • Graduate of The Myomassethics Center, 1989 (Currently Irene’s Myomassology Institute) Southfield, MI

Continuing Education