Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about massage therapy,insurance billing, our procedures etc. If you would like a question answered, that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us below.

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What can massage therapy do for me?

Massage is a natural and effective modality for minimizing discomfort and pain as well as improving other post trauma and chronic symptoms such as; problems sleeping, balance issues, anxiety and more.

If I am currently receiving physical therapy, chiropractic or other types of treatment should I still come for massage therapy?

Yes. In fact our treatments are very complementary to other forms of care you may be receiving, and we are happy to work with other healthcare professionals, in a team approach, to help maximize our outcomes.

The only conflict would be if anyone else were billing your auto insurance for massage therapy for the same date of service we see you. If so, there would be a conflict and only one provider would be paid. Not to worry, our billing process protects against such conflicts and in this case we would reschedule your appointments to another day.

How do I know if it is safe for me to receive massage from you?

A prescription from your treating physician is required in order for you to receive massage therapy and he/she will know if it is safe for you.

If your condition has changed and you are questioning keeping a massage appointment, and it is not an emergency situation, just call us and we will discuss it. With over 24 years experience we know how best to advise you as to whether massage will be an appropriate treatment. In some cases we can best serve you by referring you to another type of healthcare professional.

If I decide to receive massage therapy from you what can I expect?

You will be asked to supply information about your auto or worker’s compensation claim and your treating physician. We then verify your insurance and contact your doctor requesting a prescription for massage therapy. This process normally takes 2-4 days. When both have responded we contact you to schedule your initial appointment.

For your first appointment we set aside 1 ½ to 2 hours. This includes time for completing and signing necessary paperwork – setting up a portable massage table – conducting a medical history and injury interview, physical and structural assessment – giving a treatment – breaking the table down – a follow up discussion and scheduling future appointments. Subsequent sessions total about 75 minutes total.

During treatment sessions you can expect 100% effort with one thing in mind; positive results that benefit you.

Will my health insurance (Blue Cross, HAP, Medicare etc.) pay for my treatments?

Currently in Michigan health insurance companies do not pay massage therapists to provide massage therapy.

To be eligible you must have an open claim with either an auto or worker’s compensation insurance company. We will direct bill your auto insurance company or worker’s compensation insurance company. That means you pay nothing. No out of pocket expense, no reimbursements.*

If your auto insurance is primary (the sole payer for healthcare for personal injuries) great. If not, and you have coordinated benefits, after beginning treatment we will either bill or contact your health insurance carrier requesting a denial letter which is required by your auto insurance before they will pay for treatments. In Michigan only auto and worker’s compensation insurance companies are required to pay massage therapists for their services.

*You could be responsible for paying any unpaid deductible should your policy include a PIP (personal injury protection) deductible. This would be the same if you visit any other health care professional billing for auto before your deductible is met. In our insurance verification process we check for deductibles and if you have one we will discuss this with you prior to treatment.

Does it matter how long ago my injury occurred?

No. We have treated patients two days after a whiplash injury and ten years following a spinal cord injury. The sooner you begin receiving massage the better the chance of injuries not becoming chronic or worsening.

Where is your office located?

We do not see patients in an office. All treatment sessions take place in your home or another place of your choice.

What will treatments cost me?

You pay nothing.

The only exception is if your auto policy has a personal injury deductible amount that has not yet been met. This would be the same if you visit any other health care professional. In our insurance verification process we check for deductibles and if you have one we will discuss this with you prior to your first treatment.

How long does a massage session last?

That depends on the extent of your injuries, present condition and tolerance levels but generally 45-60 minutes.

Why should I choose you for my massage therapy?

I have over 24 years massage therapy experience and 18 years teaching experience. I had the honor and privilege to not only learn from, but also teach with and for a pioneer in massage therapy, Irene Gauthier of Irene’s Myomassology Institute. I could have not had a better knowledge and practical hands-on base to build upon and have continued my education studying the methods of many leaders in the field such as Paul St. John, Leon Chaitow, Thomas Myers, Bonnie Prudden, Whitney Lowe, Eric Dalton and others. I must also pay homage to a teacher and mentor Don Deceico.

Not only have I learned from forms of formal education I also have experienced some of what you may have gone through. In 2001 I suffered injuries, caused by a drunk driver, and following surgery was unable to work for 12 months while I recovered. During this time colleagues offered and I received many types of treatments and I found the benefits from their work to equal and in many cases far surpass those of physical therapy. Most volunteered their time but should have been able to be compensated but did not know how to bill insurance and therefore went unpaid. From this experience I decided to devote my practice to helping those injured in auto accidents and job related injuries and have so since 2002.

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How do I get started receiving massage therapy?

Just click below and complete and submit the secure online form. We take care of the rest and will contact you soon.